Digital Media Awards Worldwide 2022 named GMA's 'Dapat Totoo' campaign "Best in Engagement."

Dapat Totoo, the digital campaign run by GMA News and Public Affairs for the Eleksyon 2022 election, was awarded "Best in Audience Engagement" at the World Association of News Publishers' Digital Media Awards Worldwide 2022, which took place on September 29 in Zaragoza, Spain. In doing so, the campaign was able to proudly represent the Philippines in front of news publishers from around the world. GMA is the first Filipino network to come out on top in the aforementioned competition.

The 'Dapat Totoo' campaign was developed with the intention of educating and engaging readers, particularly young people, across a variety of online channels in support of the Network's most extensive and in-depth coverage of the 'Eleksyon 2022' election.

GMA Network remains committed to providing Serbisyong Totoo to Filipino audiences across a variety of platforms, including television and digital media. According to Marissa L. Flores, GMA Network Consultant for News and Public Affairs, "Our social media teams work hard to figure out ways to inform and engage Filipino audiences on whatever platform or device they may prefer." Our social media teams work hard to find ways to keep Filipino audiences informed and interested, no matter what platform or device they use.

Jaemark Tordecilla, Senior Assistant Vice President for GMA News and Public Affairs Digital Media, discussed how the recognition recognizes the team's dedication and hard work in developing new content. He said that the recognition validates the team's hard work and dedication. It's good to be acknowledged because our team works hard and fights to make sure that our most essential pieces of journalism, from videos to articles, get the attention they deserve. It's wonderful to be recognized because it's wonderful to be recognized. As he explained, this award just proves what we have always thought: that we are at the cutting edge of social media innovation around the world.

Justin Joyas, who is in charge of social media for the news department, was the one to accept the award on behalf of GMA News and Public Affairs.

Our election campaign, which goes by the name "Dapat Totoo," is the result of a yearlong collaboration between a number of teams. All of this is done with the goal of providing the Filipino people with news coverage, both online and on the ground, that enhances our democratic process and gives them more agency. In light of the proliferation of new digital platforms, it is essential to provide users with information that comes from reputable sources. In his address, Joyas expressed gratitude to the World Association of News Publishers for the honor. "We at GMA News and Public Affairs congratulate the World Association of News Publishers for the award."

Amidst the growth of fake news and the "declining public involvement and public interest in journalism," the host of the awarding ceremonies highlighted how the campaign has been able to establish the best method to communicate with "a younger, more demanding audience" during the ceremony.

One of the judges stated that the "Dapat Totoo" campaign "truly [is] an inventive strategy employing the social media platforms of the generation to communicate with the younger audience who often wrestle with the complexity of elections." Other judges agreed with this assessment.

The ‘Dapat Totoo’ online campaign includes GMA Network’s first Instagram augmented reality or AR quiz filter meant to boost awareness of election essentials. It was created by GMA News Online in collaboration with GMA New Media Inc., which is the digital media and technology arm of the network.

Another product of the partnership between GMA NMI and the digital marketing initiative was the word game WordEleksyon, which was featured in the campaign.

The 'Dapat Totoo' online campaign also included the introduction of a number of TikTok challenges involving different Kapuso personalities in order to further reach and educate younger people. Additionally, GMA News Online worked together with the popular TikTok influencer Ychan Laurenz. The original work that the campaign did with Ychan advised voters to stay away from fake news and to vote for leaders who were sincere and honest through a series of skits that were both funny and relatable.

The "Dapat Totoo Lectures" were also part of the campaign. These were a series of webinars for college students only that talked about the role of journalism and social media in spreading news and fighting fake news.

The Digital Media Awards Worldwide are given out annually by the World Association of News Publishers in order to honor those news publishers who have created digital media initiatives that are one of a kind and completely original.

The 'Dapat Totoo' campaign included submissions selected from all of the aforementioned six regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and South Asia. After the entries were first looked at by regional juries, an additional panel of judges chose the ones they thought were the most deserving of a Digital Media Award in each category.

During the World News Media Congress 2022, the winners were disclosed to the attendees.

The campaign known as "Dapat Totoo" has also been put in for consideration for the Asian Digital Media Awards. The names of the winners will be revealed in November.


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