A Celebrity "Car Boot Sale" at the Greenfield District

The Greenfield Development Corporation (GDC) hosted a "Car Boot Sale" last week, November 18 to 20, at the Mayflower Parking Area of the Greenfield District. The event is timed to coincide with the approaching holiday season. Celebrities and influential people are in attendance to witness the event.

According to Atty. Duane A.X. Santos, who serves as the executive vice president of the GDC, the event is being held to celebrate the first anniversary of the Food Truck Fest. It is the largest collection of food trucks that are consistently stationed in one location in the Metropolitan Manila area.

"We added the Car Boot Sale to go with the Food Truck Fest, which gives the public a unique and safe way to eat outside with 18 food trucks set up in the center of Mandaluyong's Greenfield District," he said, adding that strict health rules are in place to keep the public safe.

According to Santos, GDC invited celebrities and influential people to participate in the sale of pre-loved things, plants, food, and other products this year. Maxine Medina, Kim Baranda, Jome Silayan, Louise delos Reyes, Chris Tan, Karel Marquez, and Kevin Ty were some of the people who received an invitation. Among the other guests was also Louise delos Reyes.

"We wanted a shopping element that would complement the Food Truck Fest, especially during the "Ber months," so we came up with the concept of vans serving as merchants' stores," he explained. Because we wanted a retail component that would complement the Food Truck Festival, we came up with the concept of vehicles serving as merchants' stores.

In addition, Santos urged business owners, especially those operating new businesses, to market their products and assess customer demand.

He claims the event's larger goal is to teach people the value of supporting small businesses and the advantages of using reusable bags to lessen their impact on the environment.

Santos continued by saying, "Soon, we plan to come up with more engaging and enjoyable activities and offer a viable site for outdoor business events such as product launches." "Taking into consideration that there is already a segment of the market that it has cornered, this is of utmost importance."

The Food Truck Fest was open every day from noon until 10 o'clock in the evening, Monday through Thursday, and then from noon until midnight, Friday through Sunday. However, the Car Boot Sale: Celebrity Edition was open from four in the afternoon to twelve in the morning.

Greenfield District is an innovative new development that reimagines the future trajectory of the city of Mandaluyong. This forward-thinking cityscape is significant for a number of reasons, including the inclusion of green spaces and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods.

GDC's 15-hectare urban development is becoming one of Metro Manila's most popular venues for healthy activities. Twin Oaks Place and Zitan are future-ready condos that demonstrate GDC's commitment to creating high-quality living environments and promoting wellness.

Greenfield District condo residents will enjoy GDC's food park with family and friends. Because the Food Truck Fest is so close, it's accessible from Metro Manila's business districts.

For additional details, please go to www.greenfield.com.ph, www.facebook.com/greenfielddistrict, and www.instagram.com/greenfielddistrictretail.


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