GCash receives WWF Philippines’ Corporate Partner Award

GCash, the most popular mobile wallet app in the Philippines, was recently presented with the Philippines' Corporate Partner Award by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) during a ceremony that took place at the Fairmont Hotel in Makati. The award was given in recognition of GCash's exceptional contributions to the protection of the natural environment.

The program of annual awards recognizes exceptional teamwork and dedication to the holistic conservation of the Philippine environment in an effort to "Change the Ending" for both people and the planet.

"We're honored to receive such a meaningful award as it shows we're on the right track toward helping protect and conserve our environment," said Martha Sazon, president and CEO of GCash. "It shows that we're on the right track toward helping protect and conserve our environment."

Ipo Watershed is responsible for supplying about 96 percent of Metro Manila's water supply. GCash's six-year Forest Project with the WWF-Philippines for Nature in the Ipo Watershed aims to successfully conduct assisted natural regeneration and enrichment planting of 220,000 trees in 550 hectares of degraded forests in the Ipo Watershed. The project will run until 2022.

They were successful in planting and maintaining 108,743 trees during the first three years of the project. These trees included Yakal, Dungon, Narra, Palosapis, Kupang, and Bignai, in addition to 11 other native species.

A robust biodiversity index is produced as a result of the careful planning of the species composition, which also makes a significant contribution to the assisted natural regeneration of the Ipo Watershed. In a similar vein, the cultivation of these trees and the care that is taken of them are essential to the preservation of the cover of the watershed and, as a result, the water security of the nation. Additionally, thriving forests in the watersheds act as natural filters, which helps to ensure that the water is of high quality.

In addition to its collaboration with the WWF-Philippines, GCash is also responsible for the launch of the GForest program. Users have the ability to plant virtual trees within the app by using green energy points. Users can earn green energy points by completing a variety of cashless transactions within the app, such as bank transfers. In retaliation, GCash will actually go out and plant trees on their behalf. More than one million trees have been planted by GCash to this point, and the company has set a goal to plant 2.3 million trees by the year 2023.


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