AI meets Creativity: dashcon 2023 goes to Davao City

DashoContent is bringing the marketing roadshow dashcon 2023, to the bustling economic hub of Davao City. The highly-anticipated annual event merges the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with the unmatched ingenuity of human creativity in the arena of business and marketing.

To be held at the HQ Compound on November 18, from 1 to 5 PM, dashcon 2023 beckons seasoned business strategists, digital marketing pioneers, tech aficionados, and forward-thinking visionaries. The conference is a merger of intellect and innovation, providing an unparalleled opportunity to forge connections, gain insights, and shape the future of leadership in the digital age.

As a city pulsating with vitality and modernity, Davao represents the ideal backdrop for discussions on innovation and growth. The roadshow, themed "I’M NOT A ROBOT”: Navigating Business and Marketing in the AI Era, encapsulates the essence of today’s cutting-edge business landscape.

Having started its journey in Cebu and set to culminate in Manila, dashcon 2023's visit to Davao is at a critical juncture. Attendees will be immersed in sessions that tackle pressing topics such as AI's role in business, the evolving dynamics of digital marketing, and the irreplaceable value of the human touch in storytelling and customer engagement.

The Davao leg of dashcon 2023 boasts a roster of speakers that includes some of the brightest minds in the industry. Dominic Ligot of Cirrolytix, Janette Toral of Digital Filipino, Ryan Tan Yu of Mata Technologies, Inc., Charlene Virlouvet and Fleire Castro of DashoContent, and Gilmar Padua of Infinity Hub will share their individual expertise and collective wisdom, offering participants a multifaceted perspective on the digital horizon.

Castro encapsulates the essence of the summit with her visionary statement, “AI for me is not artificial intelligence. It’s abundant intelligence.” Meanwhile, Tan Yu champions the human element in his technological narrative, reminding everyone to “Consult your compass; in a world of machines, do everything with your heart.”

But it is not all talks and panels. dashcon 2023 is designed to be interactive and hands-on, with networking breaks crafted to forge lasting professional relationships. It's an opportunity to rub shoulders with the future of the industry, to discuss, debate, and collaborate on the next big idea.

The event's significance is further underscored by the support it has garnered from leading names across industries, with RepublicAsia leading the charge. There are also significant contributions from The Company Cebu, Third Team Media, Cebu Chamber of Commerce & Industry, DTI Reg 7, and DICT Reg 7. Other notab’le partners include AWS Manila, GetHired Manila, Community, FHMOMs, FOPSCo, SMMPH, Yoveo, Aleph Talent Solutions Corp., CirroLytix and PRWorks.

For those looking to be at the forefront of change, tickets are available at dashcon 2023 website. Join the conversation, challenge the status quo, and be part of the movement shaping the future of digital marketing and business innovation.

Stay tuned to the latest updates and join the community of change-makers by following DashoContent on Facebook. Don't just watch the future unfold—be a part of crafting it at dashcon 2023 in Davao. 


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