A Night of Elegance and Advocacy: Miss Philippines Earth Mindanao 2024 Co-Presenters Night

Davao City, May 15, 2024– Last night, the San Josue Inland Resort was a beacon of beauty and purpose as it played host to the Miss Philippines Earth Mindanao 2024 Co-Presenters Night. The event, held on May 14, was a resounding success, celebrating not just the grace and charm of the contestants but also their unwavering commitment to environmental advocacy.

The evening was filled with elegance, glamour, and a shared passion for sustainability. As attendees arrived, they were greeted by a stunning setup that highlighted the resort's natural beauty, perfectly aligning with the eco-centric values of Miss Philippines Earth. The ambiance was both sophisticated and warm, setting the stage for a memorable night.

The Co-Presenters Night began with a warm welcome from the hosts, Atty. Alpha Faith Macailing, Chairman/CEO of AFGM Corporation, who set the tone for an evening of inspiration and celebration. 

The contestants, representing various parts of Mindanao, were introduced followed by the official sashing, each one embodying the essence of environmental stewardship.

One of the highlights of the night was the segment where contestants shared their individual environmental advocacies. Each contestant delivered a passionate speech, detailing their plans and initiatives to promote sustainability in their communities. From advocating for marine conservation to promoting zero-waste lifestyles, the diversity of their causes was truly inspiring.

Launching of Aelisse Beauty Products and the 10 Ambassadress of Aelisse

Adding to the excitement of the evening, the event also featured the much-anticipated product launch of Aelisse Beauty products. Known for their commitment to using natural and eco-friendly ingredients, Aelisse Beauty unveiled a new line that aligns perfectly with the environmental values championed by Miss Philippines Earth. Attendees were treated to a showcase of the latest offerings, which promise not only to enhance beauty but also to support sustainable practices. This collaboration highlights the synergy between beauty and environmental responsibility, reinforcing the theme of the night.

10 Ambassadress of Aelisse

In an exclusive interview with Doc Marlou B. Vales, Chairman/CEO of Bioglobal Production, Inc, we delved deeper into the heart of Miss Philippines Earth Mindanao. The organizer emphasized that the primary vision of the event is to raise environmental awareness and inspire action among the youth. "We believe in the power of beauty with a purpose. Our contestants are not just beautiful faces; they are dedicated advocates for Mother Earth," he said.

Marlou B. Vales, Ph.D
Chairman/CEO of Bioglobal Inc. with the Co-Chairman of Bioglobal Inc & CEO of Bioskin., Mr. Geraldo Evangelista and Ms. Maria Victoria Evangelista

Mr. Geri Evangelista, Rose Mae C. Sanglap, RN of Aelisse, Ms. Vicky Evangelista, Atty. Alpha Faith Macailing and her friend.

Community Involvement and Future Plans

The event also showcased the strong community involvement that Miss Philippines Earth Mindanao promotes. This coming May 18, candidates will have their Tree Planting activity and Environmental Seminar at Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur. Doc Marlou also shared their future plans, which include expanding community-based programs and enhancing partnerships with environmental NGOs to further the reach and impact of their advocacy.

One of the standout moments of the evening was the announcement of special awards, recognizing contestants for their efforts in different categories such as the Darling of the Press, which was given to Mati, Davao Oriental candidate Eula Gia Lumapas.The awards that they received not only celebrated the contestants' dedication but also motivated them to continue their advocacy work.

The Miss Philippines Earth Mindanao 2024 Co-Presenters Night at San Josue Inland Resort was more than just a pageant event; it was a powerful platform for environmental advocacy. It brought together beauty, intellect, and a deep-seated commitment to making a positive impact on the planet. The product launch of Aelisse Beauty added an extra layer of excitement, showcasing how beauty and sustainability can go hand in hand. As the night concluded, it was clear that each contestant was ready to take on the mantle of an eco-warrior, carrying forward the message of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Stay tuned for more updates as we follow the journey of these incredible women leading up to the grand coronation night this May 23, 2024 at Davao del Sur Colisseum at Digos City.

Miss Philippines Earth Mindanao 2024 is not just a competition; it's a movement towards a greener and more sustainable future!

Watch some snippets of the activities happened last night.

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