Unang Hirit Barkada ‘delivers’ big surprises on their 24th anniversary

In celebration of its 24th year of providing the Filipino people with the latest news, entertaining segments, and public service, Unang Hirit (UH), the longest-running morning show in the country, delighted its viewers by having the hosts take turns giving heartwarming gifts to deserving individuals from different parts of the Philippines. 


Grand Sorpresa Delivery Day

The anniversary week at UH began on December 4 with the Grand Sorpresa Delivery Day. This day-long event brought about emotional reactions from individuals who received unexpected gifts and had their lives touched.

The hosts of UH, Suzi Entrata and Shaira Diaz, pleasantly surprised a housewife in Pandacan, Manila, by gifting her a brand-new 50-inch flat-screen TV. When asked why she was crying, Aling Belinda responded, "I am happy because we don't have something like that."

UH anchor Ivan Mayrina and weather presenter Anjo Pertierra had the opportunity to experience being delivery riders as they delivered gifts to a mother in Quezon City. A tearful Nanay Josefina said, 'All I ask for is to have rice to eat.' She was pleasantly surprised when Ivan and Anjo unveiled their deliveries, which included grocery items, a brand new 50-inch flat-screen TV, and P5,000. The gifts exceeded her expectations and made her very happy.

Following the show, the delivery of surprises persisted as the UH Sorpresa delivery riders simultaneously distributed gifts to different households in Metro Manila.

Balikbayan Box Delivery 

On December 5, the giving continued as Susan Enriquez, Lyn Ching, and Kim Perez traveled to San Mateo, Rizal, to fulfill a viewer's wish. Sheila Laroga had been longing to reunite with her family in Bicol for 10 years. Her emotions overwhelmed her as her family emerged from a giant Balikbayan box, arranged as a heartwarming surprise by UH.

Hindi ko po alam at hindi ko maipaliwanag. I am extremely happy. "I am really happy," Shiela expressed when asked about their emotional reunion.

The family was also given a staycation package for 3 days and 2 nights, along with some cash to enhance their enjoyment of their time together.

The Grand Sorpresa Truck

On December 6th, a six-wheeler truck revealed UH's biggest event, the Sorpresa Truck Reveal. Arnold Clavio, Susan, Shaira, Kaloy Tingcungco, and Anjo were all filled with excitement as they watched the truck spread its wings. The unveiling event was made even more special with the iconic performance of "Christmas in Our Hearts" by Jose Mari Chan. Additionally, several lucky individuals were awarded exciting prizes such as brand-new TVs, oven toasters, and cash.

Tatay Wilson, a 70-year-old bystander, won the grand prize worth 24,000 pesos in cash, equating to the 24th year of UH!

"Tatay Wilson expresses his heartfelt gratitude for the assistance given to people like him who are struggling and unemployed," he says tearfully in an interview. He mentioned that he intends to use the money for his family's needs and medical expenses.

Sorpresa Delivery in Baguio City

On December 7, the fourth day of the Sorpresa Delivery journey, they headed north towards Baguio City. Nanay Bella, a vendor in Burnham Park, was given a generous donation by Anjo and UH funliners Kaloy and Jenzel Angeles, along with Abot Kamay na Pangarap stars Jeff Moses and John Vic De Guzman. The donation included a sack of rice, grocery items, and a special jacket, which also contained P5,000 in cash. These gifts were very timely, as Nanay Bella's birthday falls on December 23.

Sorpresa Delivery of a Brand New Motorcycle

To wrap up the anniversary week, Mariz Umali, Shaira, and Ivan made a visit to Malabon City. Their purpose was to give a remarkable surprise to Khomenie Alauya, a rider who gained popularity after losing his job due to a motorcycle fire incident while assisting another rider. In order to deal with the situation, Khomenie made the decision to send his family back to Mindanao while he took on additional work with his friends.

As Ivan was in the midst of sharing his emotional story, he suddenly appeared on a motorcycle, delivering a parcel. To everyone's surprise, the parcel contained a brand-new motorcycle!

"I will really make an effort to bring you back here," Khomenie emotionally expressed in a message to his family, now that he has the opportunity to resume his career as a rider.

During the course of the week, several notable personalities participated in the 24th anniversary celebration. These included Ms. Lani Misalucha, Ppop groups 1st.One and Bilib, as well as the Kapuso Primetime King and Queen, Dingdong Dantes, and Marian Rivera.

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