Hepmil Philippines aims to bridge technology, training gaps in content creation with newly-launched 400-square-meter production hub

Hepmil Philippines, a technology-driven media company, has called for significant advancements in technology adoption and professional training within the Philippine content creation industry.

Erwin Razon, General Manager of Hepmil Philippines, highlighted the need for better access to advanced technology and comprehensive training programs.

L-R_ WTF Content Creators Sheanner Navarro, Josef Spartacus Farnacio, Jestoni Rubantes, Jan Ryan Azurin, and Rian Simon Magtaan

“There is a huge gap in getting to the latest technology and adequate training, and it greatly impacts the quality and competitiveness of our local content,” he said.

Left to Right - Erwin Razon (General Manager of Hepmil Philippines), Karl Mak (Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer of HEPMIL Media Group), and Jel Directo (Country Manager of Hepmil Creators' Network)

Razon also emphasized the economic and legal hurdles faced by content creators, including securing sustainable income and protecting their work from piracy. 

“Government policies that promote investments in the creative industry and protect intellectual property rights can help the industry grow even more,” he added. 

This call to action aligns with the opening of their new 400-square-meter production hub in Makati City, designed to bridge existing industry gaps.

Hepmil Philippines has invested in a state-of-the-art production hub featuring studios, workstations, lounges, and a wardrobe department. The hub will also integrate livestreaming capabilities to meet the demand for virtual production services. 

This new production hub also addresses the growing demand for virtual production services. According to the 2024 Global Digital Report, 64.5% of consumers now conduct online brand research and are more selective about online content.

To support the local content ecosystem, Hepmil Philippines has launched "We The Future," a comedic documentary series highlighting stories from various Filipino communities.

Additional shows set for release in late 2024 include "Si OA," "Pork Soju," and "Astrolo-tea," each designed to resonate with audiences through relatable storytelling.

"We are going to do reality-based shows where we showcase the characters and the cast and crews based on their personalities. So, they actually will be a part of content pieces where they get to showcase their true selves," said Razon.

With over 500 content creators in its network, Hepmil Philippines is committed to nurturing talent and driving industry innovation. Their new incubation program helps creators gain social commerce skills to monetize content and build sustainable careers.

“Our investments in the production hub and diverse content programs demonstrate our commitment to fostering a vibrant ecosystem for content creators,” he added.


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