Vicky Morales goes to South Korea with Shaira Diaz for Good News’ 13th anniversary

Weekly news magazine show “Good News” is celebrating its 13th anniversary with a special episode in South Korea this Saturday (April 20), 9 p.m. on GTV. 

Joining “Good News” host Vicky Morales on her trip is Sparkle artist Shaira Diaz, a certified Korean culture fanatic. Together, they will take viewers around Jeollanam-do, the newest popular travel destination in South Korea.

First on Vicky and Shaira’s travel checklist is Purple Island, where almost everything that can be seen is purple, inspired by a certain flower growing on the island. They will showcase the beauty of this beautiful place that is a must-visit in South Korea for travelers. Catch Shaira’s experiences on the island that BTS fans like herself will surely love!

As a coastal region rich in seafood, the “Good News” team also challenged Vicky and Shaira to try the famous raw or marinated crab in Jeollanam-do. Viewers should not miss out on their reaction to this very unforgettable experience.

Vicky and Shaira will also visit the shoot location of the K-drama “Hotel Del Luna,” as well as the park that is equivalent to our very own Luneta park.

To complete the experience, they will take the viewers to the indoor art museum and the outdoor art resort. The resort tour was definitely unforgettable as Shaira shared with Vicky her heart-fluttering love story with her fiancé and co-Sparkle artist EA Guzman. Making the 13th anniversary of “Good News” more memorable, Shaira took the chance to ask Vicky if she could be their ninang to their wedding. Will Vicky say yes?

Celebrate 13 years of feel-good stories and find out Vicky’s answer to Shaira’s question on the anniversary episode of “Good News” this Saturday (April 20), 9 p.m. on GTV! Global Pinoys can watch it on international channel GMA News TV. 


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